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AzSK ARM Template Checker

This is a very useful open source tool used internally by Microsoft to validate that best practices are being followed in their Azure ARM templates.

This short post shows how to incorporate the AzSK ARM Template Checker into your Azure YAML Pipeline.

If you want to use a Linux build agent, you can use the PowerShell task to run AzSK.

- task: PowerShell@2
            targetType: 'inline'
            script: |
              Set-PSRepository -Name "PSGallery" -InstallationPolicy Trusted
              Install-Module AzSK
              Import-Module AzSK
              Get-AzSKARMTemplateSecurityStatus -ARMTemplatePath $Env:BUILD_SOURCESDIRECTORY/arm-templates
            failOnStderr: true

Otherwise if you are using a Windows build agent, you can use the Azure Extension

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